Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined.

-  Henry David Thoreau


I could post my resume or talk about what made me want to be a photographer.  But who really wants to read another one of those!  So, instead... let's dig into more interesting things!

  1. I love Red Bull.  (Ok... actually I love that I think it actually helps!)   But, ice cold bottled water is my life.  And thanks to one of my favorite clients, I am learning the joy of B12.
  2. I have been published.  I have been blessed to see my photography appear in books and magazines.  In a world that has given way to digital social media, it has been such an unexpected gift and joy to see my images return to print format.  (See below for a sample list of recent features.)  
  3. I have 4 adult children who have inspired me more than anything to take risks in my life and to enjoy failures.  Sometimes, the life we didn't plan becomes the best gift of all.  (Dr. Christie?  What was I thinking!  So much for 5 years of science coursework!)
  4. I pray, a lot.  Usually when I am driving and thinking about all the things I could be doing better, all the things I am doing right and those stupid split ends in my hair that are never ending!
  5. I cry, a lot.  No reason.  Just the joy of being a woman and embracing all the beauty I see, the empathy for those I can relate to, the pain of knowing I can't do more and some days, just because I can!
  6. I adore the cold.  Maybe it is all the years I have spent in Minnesota, but I love winter, the snow, the crisp air.  You will rarely see me wearing a jacket, if I am it is to make YOU feel more comfortable.  Though... I am ALWAYS in a cardigan!
  7. I love my day job in architecture and the people I work with.  Though they are all men, they amuse me so and have always treated me well despite my frequent sass!
  8. Despite my very outspoken nature, I am actually quite shy.  I am oddly nervous of new situations and would much rather be a fly on the wall and simply observe.  So, no surprise I became a photographer!
  9. I have been a vegetarian for over 28 years.  It is amusing the things a teenage girl will do to impress a cute boy.  "Your a vegetarian?  Gee... I can be, too!"  3 months later, he is chowing a burger and 28 years later, I still have not!
  10. I am obsessed with the Tiny House movement.  I would love to one day to live in a small cabin in Montana, but I doubt I could ever give up the hoards of craft and art supplies I continuously collect!
  11. Einstein is my hero.  Not because he is smart, but because he inspired me with his logic of owning 7 of the exact same clothing to save time deciding each day.  If you know me, you know that despite my love of the fashion industry, I am always in the same black flats, black pants/skirt and one of 100 identical cardigans.  Hey, I'm a simple girl!
  12. I am very ADD.  I enjoy diversity in my work and always love a curve ball to mix it up.  Some of the more interesting and unforgettable things I have photographed:
  • Military Family Memorial Tribute at the State Capitol - standing in a torrential downpour to capture Governor Dayton, Tim Pawlenty, Amy Klobechar and other noteworthy attendees!
  • USAW National Youth Championship (an Olympic qualifying event) - including World champion CJ Cummings as he set a new world record.
  • Minnesota Vikings from within the huddle with a Korean War Hero for Wish of a Lifetime
  • In10city National Dance Championship - The same one that Dance Moms competed in.  Had to have my arm in a sling for a week from the strain of shooting this 3 day (14 hours days nonstop) event.
  • Memorial Roses for Backing the Blue Line - My first job with this group was capturing the rose preparation for the funeral of a police officer killed in the line of duty.  There are no words . . .
  • Twin Cities Color Run - A simple 5k event, but man did the participants seem to have fun and I am still finding color powder on my gear!
  • Womens March on Washington - I was an official photographer for the organizers and no words can adequately portray the emotion I felt this day, sharing it with my own daughter.
  • Urban Assault Ride - Google it, bowling and skateboards will never be viewed by me the same again!
  • Fight Club - a fun editorial shoot with teenage boys.  The shoot (seen here) was fun, but the best part was knowing these boys left my shoot as they were and went straight to Arby's for dinnerl  Can you imagine being in that restaurant when they walked in?



  • Beautiful Human Award for Photography - An award showcasing those that have played a significant role in shaping the Twin Cities arts and entertainment industry.  Recognized for telling the stories of artistic passions and work through the lens, by placing the audience in the front row seat to a unique perspective.
  • ISD 191 John Coskran Volunteer Award - Recognizing those who give of themselves to enhance students’ educational experiences, and/or demonstrate the importance of citizenship to our children.



A glimpse behind the scenes

Here are a few fun video clips captured by my clients and stylists. 

Fun behind the scenes promo video from the designer.

On location shoot for MiTa Fashion.