Update on Progress

THANK YOU to everyone who has voiced your support for performing arts and musical opportunities at the high school. Your quick action has caught the attention of everyone and I am very happy to see that everyone is working hard at the table to resolve the issue, including Superintendent Gothard, who issued the following email to the school board, school leaders and those who have written him directly:


We have received many emails in the past 36-hours showing strong support for music and arts at Burnsville High School. It is admirable that collective voices are advocating for experiences that benefit current students and offer a lasting impact, as shown by notes from former students.

I have directed Burnsville High School Principal, Mr. Dave Helke to dialogue with members of his staff, including Burnsville Theatre Guild leadership, about the number of Musicals scheduled for the 16-17 school year.

I believe that agreement around what’s best for students will prevail and potential concerns around student over-commitment will be allayed. I will ask that this meeting take place as soon as possible, with our busy graduation week upon us, and a final decision communicated by week’s end.

Thank you for sharing your feelings and support for our students.

Joe Gothard"

Thank you to Superintendent Joe Gothard for his quick action especially in this busy time and to everyone who is speaking up for performing arts. Your voices are being heard and I encourage you to show your continued support that those opportunities continue to be offered as the school grows in the coming years.