Family is all that matters.

This weekend, I had a marathon run of photography sessions.  Engagements, seniors and families.  Every single one was a delight and every single one was a lot of work.

At the end of the day, when my head hits the pillow, I pray that the images I take have meaning to those for which they are intended.  Sure, we all as photographers want to take beautiful portraits.  But, for me, it is so much more important to take pictures of relationships and interactions, moments and experiences.  I want them to look back at these pictures years down the road and not think of how they looked - young or old, small or big.  But rather, smile in that way that brings their heart to a fuller place as they think of how those people gave meaning to their life.

This world moves so very fast.  It doesn't matter how many pretty pictures you take.  it only matters whose heart your connect to and those in whom your life finds meaning.

Today, I am posting the last of my work with the Longaneckers.  This family took a long journey to build their family with adoption of three siblings.  This session marked the final step in that journey and first premiered online the day their adoption was made final and they announced their new forever home and family.  I think of you guys often and pray every day that your heart knows the love and joy I have found in my own and finds many wonderfully grand adventures!