Beauty is Always an Exciting Saturday!

The best part of being a photographer is having the tools and opportunities to create images of just bout anything!  Over the years, I have done numerous conceptual and editorial photoshoots with many creative and adventurous people.

This weekend, I get to step into the fray one more time and realize another vision - The Wanderlust Traveler.   I am excited (and even nervous) to see how some things will work beautifully, others will fail miserably and some will be fantastic accidents that one day I will claim were the goal all along!  (And a special shout out to Elise for being last week's test subject!)

Looking back, I have been so blessed to surround myself with many talented and beautiful models.  Each carried not only a breathless beauty, but also a spirit within that made them truly amazing.  I am lucky to live within this world of art and each day thank those who give me yet another reason to dream in the daylight and encouragement to share my greatest passion and ideas.