Once Upon a Today (Reprise) :: Sleeping Beauty

Two years ago, I laid a plan to recreate several popular fairytales for a photography series.  I brought together a large team of stylists, models and another photographer and started the adventure.  It was a wonderful experience to explore new ideas, test new styles and work outside the normal realm of portrait photography.

Some stories turned out beautifully.  Others didn't quite achieve what I held in my mind. Fortunately, for me, one of those models was equally eager to see it come to life and explore it again. 

This models' series was inspired by the story of Sleeping Beauty.  Though the original had a male model incorporated, this reprise focused solely on her.  Looking at the images of our sleeping Suzie and her incredible beauty, I know it was the right choice!  One day, I will pull together an album of all the stories we have captured as part of the 'Once Upon a Today' campaign series.  But, for today, it is the beauty of Miss Suzie Juul that I leave you to enjoy.