Machine Gun Fire - Its In10sity!

l have delighted in photographing performing arts and theatre quite intensely for the past 10 years.  It is beautiful, ever changing and always inspiring.  But, when a national dance competition came calling, I had no clue what I was in for!

652 performances on 2 stages over 3 days!  3 minutes to capture 100+ images of fast moving dance performances, with a new performance on the very heals of the last.  Oh, yeah!  THAT is machine gun shutter fire! (And the reason my left arm would be in a brace for several days after the event!)

Hip hop, lyrical, ballet, tap, theatre... oh so many beautiful styles and oh so many amazing dancers! 

One day, I will make my way through the 234,000 images from that weekend and put together a proper gallery to share.  But, for today, here is a sneak peak at the imagery from a wonderful national dance competition hosted by In10sity and its media contractor, A Cut Above the Rest Productions.

Left:  Dancing on Broadway - Senior Lyrical Line / Production - 'Stairway to Heaven'
Right:  Metropolitan Dance Alliance - Senior Large Group Lyrical -  "I Have Nothing"

Metropolitan Dance Alliance - Teen Ballet Small Group "I'm Out"

Left:  Acclaim Studio of Dance - Adult Lyrical Solo "To Build a Home"
Right:  Metropolitan Dance Alliance - Senior Ballet Large Group "Tango"

Studio 4 - Senior Contemporary Large Group "I'll Drown"

Left:  Metropolitan Dance Alliance - Senior Tap Small Group "School's in Session"
Right:  Dancin on Broadway - Senior Contemporary Small Group "Perfect Stranger"  

PS.  No.  Dance Moms was NOT there.... this time!  In10sity has hosted numerous competitions with Dance Moms in attendance.  But for this Minneapolis experience, we were very drama free!

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