It Goes So Fast!

For the last ten years, I have volunteered with the Burnsville High School Theatre Guild, spending countless hours helping with publicity, design, photography and just about anything else they need help with.  It is a grand journey, and one I adore greatly.

That is, until I realize how fast this time flies.  I have been blessed to meet, know and work with so many great kids.  Talented actors, humorous characters and good friends.

Today, I photographed senior portraits for just one of those kids.  Eric will soon be graduating and once again come spring, I will cry on closing night of the final show.  Realizing that yet another great kid will leave the program and I will be sad in realizing that it has all passed so very quickly.  I will pray for him that he achieve all he dreams for and hope that he will find time to return time and time again, if for no other reason than just to simply say hi!