When Zombies are Involved - You Know It Will Be Unforgettable!

I pull in to the coffee shop, ready to meet a new family who will become the latest faces in my portfolio.  I don't know what they look like, but know how hard can it be to find two parents and three young kids in a coffee shop usually reserved for pretentious individuals on laptops!

The first thing I see is a red minivan with a zombie family on the back.  I instantly laugh to myself - yeah, zombies makeup for the minivan.  (The thing that most people fear when they start thinking they have to get rid of the fun college car for something 'responsible')

Inside, I meet three of the sweetest, most charming little kids - speaking of their recent color run, brightly colored shoes and the BBQ chips they have gotten from Caroline.  Little did I know at the time, this would be one of those sessions that I will talk about for years.

This is a very special family, brought together through adoption.  In just a few short weeks, the adoption will be finalized and these photos I am about to take, will be their way of introducing the children to the world as their kids.  (During foster car, they can't put the kids photos online, for safety reasons.)  So, this session, while wonderfully casual and full of play, will have lasting place in their family.  It is the imagery that will cement their family as now complete and the formal start of their forever.

I can't imagine a better way of doing that.... aside from the wonderfully perfect zombie decals on the back of their minivan.  Congratulations on your beautiful family Katie and Joel, S, C and P.  You guys have a beautiful forever waiting for you, even if the zombie apocalypse comes ahead!

PS.  That reminds me... need to watch a few episodes of The Walking Dead!  I don't know if I am going to make it until October when season 5 begins!  #Bethyl