Congratulations :: Sean and Amber

My son is engaged!

Yes, there will be many photographs to come.  But, today... I am simply tickled pink!

You always dream your child will live a productive life and that he will find the perfect person to call his spouse.  But, in all the resume building assets and character you picture of them, you never imagine that you should throw it away.  Why?  Because God knows better!

God has found the perfect girl FOR SEAN!  My son is wonderfully odd, uniquely styled and full of grand adventure.  He works hard and lives a life of his own - full of cosplay, anmie conventions, theatre, fire breathing and renaissance festivals.  He is kind of heart, but full of kitty character.  He has done his part - graduating college with honors and working a job he loves.  But, NEVER once sacrificed the fun he holds dear.

Now, he has Amber.

And she is a wonderfully odd as he is!

I could not ask for more.  My son is in love, happy and soon to be married to the girl of his dreams.  Better yet, our whole family adores her.

Wow.. does it get any better?  I think not!

Wait, I have two more daughters.  God... bring it on!  I trust it all in your hands!