Families Helping Families!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Cormican adoption campaign!

What started as an idea to simply support a dear couple in their journey towards adoption has turned into a true joy of the heart for me.

Family is everything.

While I love photography and the reward of capturing that 'pretty' picture of a senior or an interesting or creative editorial story, I realize that capturing the moment between two people as they share their lives together is so much more rewarding.  As this campaign begins to unfold with each new family, I am delighted and blessed to see so many great stories and the knowledge that these pictures will carry meaning in someone's life for years to come.

Soon I will post collections from those family sessions with their stories. 

Take time to document your family story.  Whether it is that formal portrait that will hang on your walls for guests and grandchildren to see one day, or simply a casual adventure that captures who you are and how you relate to each other.

You have a wonderful life to share.

It starts with each other and ends with the stories your tell to others. If you want to take part in the Cormican campaign fundraiser to support their adoption journey, while capturing your own story, simply download this form and make your donation!