Capturing Barrett

In recent years, I have been honored to photograph several tween girls as part of a modeling exploration for concepts.  It has been a lot of fun and an ongoing experience that has lasted over many years that I have known Elise and her family.

This month, it was a change of pace as I was approached this time to photograph her big brother's senior portraits.

As many know, I have long been a vegetarian, gun control and animal rights activist.  So, imagine my surprise when I learned Barrett was an avid outdoorsman and hunter, wanting images with his gun and bow.  Oh, boy!  What had I gotten myself into?!

Then, I met him and discovered the gentlest soul and truly charming spirit within.  All I can say, is that for the first time in my life, I celebrated his weaponry and the opportunity to work with this fantastic family in a new way.  Barrett, I wish you all the best as you seek out your future and thank you for being a wonderful chapter in this Minnesota summer!

Now, to work on your 'bear' photo!  ;)