Sometimes, its Justice. Sometimes, its Just Us.

When I first started working with Backing the Blue Line, I knew I would be spending a lot of time with wives as they supported their husbands in law enforcement and the communities they serve.  What I didn't truly realize is how much I would come to enjoy seeing into that world and meeting the families they live each day to protect.

Recently, I traveled to Staples to spend time with Officer Maros and his family.  What made this day absolutely perfect was not his beautiful wife Tina, or their incredibly sweet and lively children.  But, instead at the onset of our 2-hour drive to get there, I got pulled over by the cops.  I haven't been stopped since my children were babies, but on the very day I am to shoot my first law enforcement family, I was speeding through a construction zone and got pulled over.

It was almost comical, if not poetic! 
(Fortunately for me, the officer gave me a very kind warning and let us on our way.)

As I move forward with plans for other work with Backing the Blue Line, I am delighted to have this outlet to support law enforcement families.  Seeing Officer Maros in full uniform, I realized I suddenly became nervous.  (That same panic when you see them in your rear view mirror... oh gosh, am I speeding?  Did I miss a stop? Is that really a gun on his hip?)  Then, I saw him get down on his knee and smile with his children. 

That is when I understood what Tina meant when she said 'Sometimes, its justice.  Sometimes, its just us.'