Congratulations, Alissa (and Michael)!

There is something so beautiful about watching a girl grow and evolve into the woman she is destined to be.  To see her face obstacles, challenges and opportunities and come out the other side with a strong heart and willful spirit.

Such is the case with Alissa.  I met her during her high school tenure with the theatre program I was volunteering and saw her perform in multiple shows, photographing her as a performer and eventually a senior.  Then college life came and she was off on a grand adventure pursing a dream.

The greatest delight I have had in knowing Alissa all these years, is seeing her find a man deserving of her and loving of all the amazing talents and passions she possesses.  Michael is a fun and supportive man and seeing them during their engagement session, I know their upcoming wedding and marriage will be yet another wonderful journey in her life.

Congratulations, Alissa and Michael!