Beyond the Yellow Ribbon - The Stolp Family

Over the past several years, I have become more and more ingrained in the culture of military life - both the pride of being a soldier's family, but also the pain of worrying about what it is they are called to do.  With that in mind, I have aligned my work with many noteworthy programs aimed at helping military families.   Beyond the Yellow Ribbon and Operation Love Reunited are just two, and the great organizations that brought the Stolp Family in front of my camera.

Army Specialist Stolp and his family soon ready for his second deployment, this time in support of Operation Spartan Shield in Kuwait. While they have navigated the difficulty of separation before, this time it was especially hard as he and his wife, Kimberly, were enjoying time with their very young 18 month old twin boys.

So, with orders on the table, it meant we were working quickly to get in a session to not only give Stolp photographs of his beautiful family to take with him, but also for his young children to have here at home to keep his presence with them.

So, as I sit in my home tonight, safe and sound, I will think of Stolp and what his wife, Colleen, and their children Mackinzee, Kylee, Zakary and Carter are sacrificing for others.  The next seven months will not be easy, but we will excitedly look forward to the turn of the year when we can enjoy a homecoming session to welcome him home!