Scarlett's Free Spirit

In my latest session for police families of Backing the Blue Line, I was delighted to have the opportunity to photograph young Scarlett as she celebrated her two year birthday.

Watching her tender heart and free will, one thing was clear.  She was a daddy's girl.  Knowing what a great protector she has in her father, it was also clear that her big sister was also always going to have her back and that one day, those two were going to have a lot of secrets and adventures that mommy and daddy would never know about!

Sessions with toddlers will never go as planned, but therein lies the joy!  Be it the adventure of running down sidewalk, kissing Elsa, spotting unexpected cats or curling up in daddy's arms to stay warm, this cool winter session will be one I will not soon forget.  We may not have gotten many smiles this day, but I cannot wait to see these darling girls again when we celebrate big sisters birthday this summer!