Capturing Barrett

In recent years, I have been honored to photograph several tween girls as part of a modeling exploration for concepts.  It has been a lot of fun and an ongoing experience that has lasted over many years that I have known Elise and her family.

This month, it was a change of pace as I was approached this time to photograph her big brother's senior portraits.

As many know, I have long been a vegetarian, gun control and animal rights activist.  So, imagine my surprise when I learned Barrett was an avid outdoorsman and hunter, wanting images with his gun and bow.  Oh, boy!  What had I gotten myself into?!

Then, I met him and discovered the gentlest soul and truly charming spirit within.  All I can say, is that for the first time in my life, I celebrated his weaponry and the opportunity to work with this fantastic family in a new way.  Barrett, I wish you all the best as you seek out your future and thank you for being a wonderful chapter in this Minnesota summer!

Now, to work on your 'bear' photo!  ;)

Reminiscing . . .

This time of year, like many, I am holed up in my house.  Looking at sessions from the fall and looking forward to so many ideas for the coming spring and exciting new shoots.

Tonight, it is beautiful Lilli - such an engaging beauty with mystery in her eyes, a passion in her heart and  strength of will that will drive her to do amazing things.  I look forward to another chapter of Wanderlust and working with her again in the coming months.

Once Upon a Today (Reprise) :: Sleeping Beauty

Two years ago, I laid a plan to recreate several popular fairytales for a photography series.  I brought together a large team of stylists, models and another photographer and started the adventure.  It was a wonderful experience to explore new ideas, test new styles and work outside the normal realm of portrait photography.

Some stories turned out beautifully.  Others didn't quite achieve what I held in my mind. Fortunately, for me, one of those models was equally eager to see it come to life and explore it again. 

This models' series was inspired by the story of Sleeping Beauty.  Though the original had a male model incorporated, this reprise focused solely on her.  Looking at the images of our sleeping Suzie and her incredible beauty, I know it was the right choice!  One day, I will pull together an album of all the stories we have captured as part of the 'Once Upon a Today' campaign series.  But, for today, it is the beauty of Miss Suzie Juul that I leave you to enjoy.

Finding Nature's Beauty

Working on the Wanderlust Traveler series, I find myself spending more and more time looking through the 50mm lens for macro details and the perspective of the world through small eyes.  Today, I was out seeking new images for my next chapter of Wanderlust and found myself delighting in so many wonderful and beautiful details, colors and textures.

Yes, I am a portrait photographer.  But, sometimes, you just gotta let Mother Nature's beauty shine first!