Becoming a Beautiful Human

This week I was honored to receive an award from the Beautiful Humans Project for Photography.  I don't know if it is the organization and award names or simply the idea that someone wants to acknowledge me for doing something I love so dear, but this really is quite humbling.

This award program sought to recognize "those that have played a significant role in shaping the Twin Cities arts and entertainment industry from Fashion, Music, Journalism, Photography, Production."  I don't know if what I have done is significant, but it certainly has not been without some truly amazing and unforgettable collaborations!

Thank you, thank you to those that nominated me and those that decided I was worth the honor.  I have been a photographer for 25 years now and as I look back on that time, I have learned these simple truths:

Life is simple.  Do what you love and do it often!

Family is everything.  Never put the work first.

Live your dreams and share your passions.  
You will make great friends doing so.

With God by your side, the rest will take care of itself.

Congratulations to my fellow award recipients (shown below).  I cannot wait to work with you all (or again)!  And, last but not least, thank you to every photography assistant/slave, makeup artist, collaborative photographer and designer who helped me live this amazing dream of photography!


Delighted to share the evening with my favorite photographic assistant, Ariadne and to be photographed by one of MY clients, House of Nguyen fashion designer, Mimi Nguyen!


Image Award Winners

Talented people making the Twin Cities a more beautiful place through design, artistry, events and charity work.

Music Award Winners

Performers and talents whose music and work has not only gained them personal notoriety nationally but also enriched the Twin Cities.

    Photography & Videography Award Winners

    Those telling the stories of artistic passions and work through the lens, by placing the audience in a front row seat to a unique perspective.

    Journalism Award Winners

    People who have given a voice to their passions and professions through radio, blog, tv, web, publications and beyond.

    • Fresh Fruit - Quinn Vilagomez & Roxanne Anderson
    • Janna Peloquin 
    • UMMG- Pete & Kimberly Rhodes
    • Ethan Horace

    Alternative Award Winners

    Those who are contributing to and enriching the Twin Cities arts and entertainment scene in other ways.

    Simply humbled to have one of these beautiful trophies now in my office!

    Recognition also to the following:



    • Twisted Hare Salon and Spa
    • The Family Tree Clinic
    • The Woman's Club of Minneapolis
    • Crown Lens Media Group
    • Fashion Odds Magazine
    • Tune Aria




    • Valerie Lockhart

    This event included a silent auction with proceeds from the entire night benefiting Rare Productions.  RARE Productions is an arts and entertainment media production company. They promote, produce, and co-create opportunities and events utilizing innovative artistic methods and strategies.

    Visit their facebook page to learn more!