A Glimpse Into Black Pearl

Recently, I was honored with the opportunity to work again with Samantha Rei, one of the Twin Cities most stylish of designers.   Don't know her?  You should!  Check out the latest on this inspiring designer:

I worked with Samantha Rei years ago under her Blasphemina's Closet label on her Second Star line, and was delighted to see those photographs published in her latest book.  When she approached me to work with her again, it was like... ummmm YEAH!  Is that even a question?!

This time, we were celebrating her latest line 'Black Pearl', a collection inspired by 1920's Shanghai.  Beautiful silhouettes, textures and details, this collection captures the most beautiful aspects of vintage style.  With a tag line of Beauty. Strength. Rebellion.,  Samantha strives to help women feel confident, strong and comfortable in their own skin. She believes they can all be beautiful warriors and with this latest series, they can be!

Learn more about Samantha Rei on her website.

Designer: Samantha Rei
Makeup Artist & Hair: Miranda Carlson
Models: Jeweldine McGee, Kiyanna Greene, Kyle Wagner, Faraz Ghassemi
Headpieces: Apatico
Jewelry: Realia by Jen
Shoes: Call It Spring
Location:  Clubhouse Jager

So many more images to come, but for today, enjoy a sneak peak into Black Pearl!

Seeing More Work Published!

In all the wonderful craziness of summer weddings, military events and other photography events, I have been delighted to also see more of my photography published.

This time, it was finally receiving my finished copy of Samantha Rei Crossland's new book 'Steampunk & Cosplay Fashion Design & Illustration' that brought me added joy.  

Samantha and I worked together on her 2012 line 'Second Star' where I photographed her Peter Pan inspired collection before heading into Minneapolis Fashion Week.  Since then, Samantha has gone on to release two more collections, including  'Isabelle et Collette' - a 1940's French inspired look of two lovers and 'Black Pearl Lounge' - a 1920's Shanghai collection that premiers this past season.  With a tag line of Beauty. Strength. Rebellion.,  Samantha strives to help women feel confident, strong and comfortable in their own skin. Trust me when I say, you need to check her out at www.samantharei.com.

For me, it simply another treasure as I realize my dream - to spend my days surrounded by creative people doing creative things.  I never imagined I would see my work published, but this past year alone has brought such a reward three times!  Such wonderful blessings and joy!

Here is a sneak peak at Samantha's new book and some of the pages and the back cover where my work appears.

Congratulations, Bryanna and Zach!

This weekend Caroline and I were blessed with the honor of photographing the wedding of two very charming people.  Sprinkled with inspiration from Disney, Star Wars, Cinema  and theatrical references, the wedding of Bryanna and Zach was a celebration of fun, love and family.

I have always been known to cry during weddings.  They are always such wonderfully inspiring events to be a part of.  Yet, somehow, this one touched me in such a way.  Maybe it was seeing how perfectly matched this couple was, the genuine care they had for their friends and family or simply knowing that in this moment there was nothing more blessed by the hand of God.

But for this wedding, I found myself crying again later as I reviewed the images later to prepare for culling and editing.  So many sweet moments and so many fun details!  Zach and Bryanna... I wish you all the best and every happiness!  Soon, I will post are more comprehensive post about this great day.  But, for tonight, a couple quick images and a very heartfelt congratulations!

With a quote like this opening their wedding program, you know it is going to be a fun day!

A gift for the flower girls - Ring Pops!

I love this capture from Caroline!  You don't see the rain that was falling, the people holding umbrellas over the bride and groom as we set up groupings, or the many sets we photographed.  It is just a beautiful group of people and a gorgeous Minnesota location!

Capture Minnesota

This weekend, I was delighted to attend the Capture Minnesota IV book release party & exhibition at Mall of America.  After 2 months of waiting, I would finally learn which of my images was selected for publication. The publishers (Explore Minnesota & Twin Cities Public Television) had 407,536 images submitted for consideration, and narrowed it down to 200 images to be published. To my surprise I had not 1 but 2 images in the book!  (The most humbling note was that I did not submit the images for award consideration.  The editors reviewed my portfolio and selected them.)

Both were very old images from my profile on Capture Minnesota's website and probably would not have been would I would have chosen on my own from my wider portfolio of work for publication. But, it was such a delight to see these silly moment portraits included in a book full of breathtaking landscapes, macro imagery and beautiful nature shots. So, congratulations to Emily Nelson, Caroline Zrust and Jonathan Mundy.,.. you have been published! (A copy of the book will soon be in the mail to you!)

'Emily' by Christie Rachelle
A quick capture shot of my niece. She was out running in a park enjoying a beautiful day. She fell and began to cry (for about 20 seconds), then stopped and looked around, then began to laugh at herself for being so silly.

'Young Love' by Christie Rachelle
Anyone can be passionate.  But, it takes real love to be silly!

Now... to eagerly await the publication of my next images in Samantha Rei's new book on fashion design. What a truly blessed life. . . to spend my days doing what I love and to have moments like this where others recognize it with value.