Congratulations, Alissa (and Michael)!

There is something so beautiful about watching a girl grow and evolve into the woman she is destined to be.  To see her face obstacles, challenges and opportunities and come out the other side with a strong heart and willful spirit.

Such is the case with Alissa.  I met her during her high school tenure with the theatre program I was volunteering and saw her perform in multiple shows, photographing her as a performer and eventually a senior.  Then college life came and she was off on a grand adventure pursing a dream.

The greatest delight I have had in knowing Alissa all these years, is seeing her find a man deserving of her and loving of all the amazing talents and passions she possesses.  Michael is a fun and supportive man and seeing them during their engagement session, I know their upcoming wedding and marriage will be yet another wonderful journey in her life.

Congratulations, Alissa and Michael! 

A Date with Winter

Living in Minnesota, we are blessed with some crazy weather.  Often not what one expects, but always amazing beauty and often with spontaneity for something great!

Aaron and Elizabeth have been dating for 14 months.  I had the pleasure of photographing them last summer and was equally pleased when they called me up to do a winter session.  Though we would have very little time together due to a busy day, it was truly a sweet afternoon watching them in the dance couples share when little moments reflect so much tenderness and kindness between them.

Though there are many more images to come, I couldn't finish this holiday weekend without getting at least a few sneak peaks up!

Alissa & Michael... Sittin' in a Tree!

Is there anything better than seeing someone amazing find that one perfect person?

I have known Alissa for many years, I have seen her laugh, cry, fight and submit.  I have known her as a blessed friend and someone that was going to build a uniquely genuine and charmed life. 

This month, I was delighted to see that this wonderful girl had found that perfect man to share her life with - Michael.  They are such a perfect match - both sincere with their hearts and a perfect compliment to each other.

I am excited to be the photographer for their wedding and to have had this past weekend to spend with them in celebration of their recent engagement.  You two will have a beautiful life together and I wish you all the very best in that journey. 

The Joy of Spring

John and Caroline have been dating for more than a year.  It has been a joyous journey as John navigates his career in the Army and Caroline find strength in their absences in her love and pride for him.

As the spring blossoms came in bloom and the gorgeous Minnesota sun found its warm golden hues, it was a perfect time for an impromptu session for these young lovers.  The best part?  All the grand bows, lifts, smiles and kisses were just them.  Doing their own thing and finding their own way through the evening.  Seeing them together, it is clear why couples remain to be my absolute favorite subject to photograph!

A Look Back... A Look Forward...

One of the joys of launching a new website is revisiting past work for the online portfolio.  Such is the case with the following images from a darling outdoor wedding at Windbeam Farms in 2012. 

On June 8, Michael and Laura Woodward will celebrate their 2 year wedding anniversary.  In that time they have traveled the world before settling their home in Arizona - building upon their lives as teachers and athletes.  The wedding was a perfect reflection of that spirit and a wonderful look at the love between two people and their dedication to a path the Lord has laid for them.

Congratulations, Michael and Laura!  It looks like you have had a wonderful first two years and many more adventures on the horizon!

This gorgeous wedding took place at Windbeam Farm in Wisconsin and featured a wonderfully natural design, lots of loving friends and family and many quiet personal moments between the bride and groom. Everything a wedding should be!

Spring Love

Couples represent so many things.  The unknown, the unexpected and the important connection that we all seek in this life.  I love to capture that time between them, especially seeing the transformation from new love, to old and how the language between them is always unique.

This is even more special to me when the couple is someone I know.  Elizabeth has been a darling at the theatre guild for many years and Aaron, through some twist of fate, has become like  a son, a nephew, or some other odd family member that we all have.  Either way, they were both such lovely kids and the perfect subject for a spring couples session.

While the spring blossoms were gone, the beautiful golden light of evening was there and I couldn't be more delighted at an evening well spent with two lovely people.