She Said YES!

I have known Caroline for 20 years.  Actually, I have known her since I heard that first heartbeat and felt that first kick.  She is my youngest daughter and most driven child.

I remember the first day she showed me a picture of Johnathan, telling me he would be a perfect model for one of my shoots.  She didn't know him, but in an army uniform he easily stood out in high school.  (Facebook is wonderful for stalking, isn't it?!)   Of course nothing became of it and life went on.  Then one afternoon a year later, she burst through my door bouncing so excitedly like a puppy about to piddle on the carpet when you return home.  She could barely contain her excitement but the smile across her face said it all.  She had met Johnathan and he was wonderful.

Two and a half years later, he is down on one knee and she said yes.

I wish their story was a simple as that, but the truth is, Johnathan is also my son.  Okay, I never carried him and I have only known him for a couple years.  But, together we have journeyed through a lot and he has become an integral member of our family and my life.  Sitting here, all I can say is how proud and excited I am that... My son is getting married!  My daughter is getting married!  Better yet, they are marrying each other and I couldn't be more happy.

Thought life will be full of challenges as he continues his military life at Fort Riley Kansas and Caroline completes her college education here at home, I know they will be happy.  They want the best for each other and somehow find a way to balance that with what they need for their own lives.  This next year will be a rollercoaster of activity, but in the end, I simply want to say thank you Lord for blessing them both with the perfect person for them.  May you continue to guide them through life and bless them as you have always done.

These formal images are part of the 'rouse' John and I planned for the engagement.  What started with a formal photoshoot in downtown Saint Paul, became an intimate proposal in Mearse Park before moving to dinner at the St. Paul Grille and an evening at Radisson Blu Minneapolis.  The next day?  A surprise going away party for John in Minneapolis with all of our family and friends.  (Talk about an adventure of secrets and lies!  I have never told as many as I have while planning this weekend!)

These casual photos are from the next day, when Caroline was finally 'in the know' and we had a ring to photograph!  :)



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A Disney Engagement - Chapter Two

And so the journey continues with Bryanna and Zach's engagement . . .  This time, we venture into the dramatic and romantic love of Little Mermaid's Arial and Eric.   While fairytales cannot hold a candle to the real romantic love of Bryanna and Zach, it was a fun day to explore this contemporary Disney story.  (PS.  This musical is especially close to their heart as Zach proposed to Bryanna on a Gondola while recreating the beautiful boat scene - complete with Kiss the Girl playing in the background and a photographer lined up to capture the moment!  Now THAT is the way to do it!)

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A Disney Engagement - Chapter Three

In the final chapter of their engagement session, Bryanna and Zach choose to explore the charming and youthful love of Peter Pan.

While everyone remembers this tale for Peter's flights, Neverland and Captain Hook, I love this story for how Peter and Wendy navigate blossoming love for the first time.  A thimble, an acorn and a very jealous Tink!

These two loving hearts have since tied the knot in a beautiful, fun and memorable wedding.  However, before I post the albums dedicated to that time, I wanted to give pause for this last engagement story.  Enjoy!

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Alissa & Michael... Sittin' in a Tree!

Is there anything better than seeing someone amazing find that one perfect person?

I have known Alissa for many years, I have seen her laugh, cry, fight and submit.  I have known her as a blessed friend and someone that was going to build a uniquely genuine and charmed life. 

This month, I was delighted to see that this wonderful girl had found that perfect man to share her life with - Michael.  They are such a perfect match - both sincere with their hearts and a perfect compliment to each other.

I am excited to be the photographer for their wedding and to have had this past weekend to spend with them in celebration of their recent engagement.  You two will have a beautiful life together and I wish you all the very best in that journey. 

Congratulations :: Sean and Amber

My son is engaged!

Yes, there will be many photographs to come.  But, today... I am simply tickled pink!

You always dream your child will live a productive life and that he will find the perfect person to call his spouse.  But, in all the resume building assets and character you picture of them, you never imagine that you should throw it away.  Why?  Because God knows better!

God has found the perfect girl FOR SEAN!  My son is wonderfully odd, uniquely styled and full of grand adventure.  He works hard and lives a life of his own - full of cosplay, anmie conventions, theatre, fire breathing and renaissance festivals.  He is kind of heart, but full of kitty character.  He has done his part - graduating college with honors and working a job he loves.  But, NEVER once sacrificed the fun he holds dear.

Now, he has Amber.

And she is a wonderfully odd as he is!

I could not ask for more.  My son is in love, happy and soon to be married to the girl of his dreams.  Better yet, our whole family adores her.

Wow.. does it get any better?  I think not!

Wait, I have two more daughters.  God... bring it on!  I trust it all in your hands!