A Day in the Presence of Love

When I first started committing time to photography, my greatest joy was spent in the presence of young couples.  Seeing how they navigated the space between them, the gentle touches they shared and the glances between them told it all.

Recently, I was given the honor of being asked to photograph the wedding of two beautiful young people, one of whom was a photographer herself.  As we moved through their engagement session, I delighted in the opportunity to see not only the vibrancy of true love, but also the fun of youth and two personalities perfectly matched.  They are destined to live a very blessed life with joy, love and caring at every turn.

Please join me in wishing Madelyn and Logan a beautiful life together!


A Disney Inspired Engagement

As most people know, I do not do a lot of weddings in my body of work.  While they are always beautiful and fun events, I simply tend to focus on other genres that play to my greatest passions - storytelling and invention.

Then I met Bryanna and Zach. 

From the moment they began telling me of their personal interests in the performing arts, to the fun design for their wedding reception, I knew this was going to be a couple I would adore working with for their wedding.  With a passion for movies, performance and stories, their engagement session would not become simply a documentation of a moment or a ring, but instead the channeling of three Disney stories following the journey of love.

Today's post features just one of those stories - the kind, lasting love of 101 Dalmatian's Roger and Anita.  Seeing Bryanna and Zach navigate the journey of our shoot, it was clear from every moment they looked towards each other's eyes to the way Zach touched and guided Bryanna with such chivalry that theirs was just that.  A lasting love that will guide the way of many beautiful stories to come.

Congratulations, Alissa (and Michael)!

There is something so beautiful about watching a girl grow and evolve into the woman she is destined to be.  To see her face obstacles, challenges and opportunities and come out the other side with a strong heart and willful spirit.

Such is the case with Alissa.  I met her during her high school tenure with the theatre program I was volunteering and saw her perform in multiple shows, photographing her as a performer and eventually a senior.  Then college life came and she was off on a grand adventure pursing a dream.

The greatest delight I have had in knowing Alissa all these years, is seeing her find a man deserving of her and loving of all the amazing talents and passions she possesses.  Michael is a fun and supportive man and seeing them during their engagement session, I know their upcoming wedding and marriage will be yet another wonderful journey in her life.

Congratulations, Alissa and Michael! 

Love, Like Christmas, is Where You Choose to Seek It

This week I spent time with one of  my favorite couples capturing a perfect handmade Christmas.  From stringing popcorn and cranberries to driving around to scout the perfect tree, it was a grand experience watching this couple build upon traditions that will carry them through their lives.

Now enjoying their second Christmas together, they have already amassed a collection of beautiful hand styled ornaments, including a fox which has become their personal mascot.  Though our time together would be cut short by a busy photographer's day, it was not without a lot of beauty, love and holiday spirit.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!  While it may no longer be a white Christmas in the Twin Cities, I am positive that for John and Caroline  it will be full of many wonderful memories and a whole lot of love!

Be sure to check back in the next few days for more images from this great day!