She is Doing Amazing Things, Again!

Project Runway: Meet the season 16 designers
(including Minneapolis' Samantha Rei!)

Photography by Lifetime's Project Runway

Photography by Lifetime's Project Runway

If ever there was a reason to watch Project Runway again, it is this!  Minneapolis Fashion Scene Darling, Samantha Rei, is a contestant for Season 16! 

I had the honor of shooting editorials for Samantha Rei's Second Star and Black Pearl collections, as well as seeing some of those images then published in her fashion design book Steampunk & Cosplay Fashion Design & Illustration. What I can tell you that in addition to being wildly talented and detail driven in the construction of her pieces, she has a beautiful way of bringing her concepts and ideas to a tangible product. Every collection tells a story and they are uniquely fun to explore and wear.

    Check out her latest collections on her website at


    Watch her video on this link and you will see how incredibly charming she is, too! I mean... how can you not just love her!?

    Congratulations, Samantha Rei!

    City Pages has announced their Artists of the Year and I am delighted to see one of my favorite designers and past clients on the list - Samantha Rei!

                                                                                                                                                    Photo Deviance

                                                                                                                                                    Photo Deviance

    With a tagline for her fashion line that is Beauty. Strength. Rebellion. you know you are in for something great and unforgettable!  Samantha's work is playfully creative with wonderful storyline concepts and creative elements.  She is a joyful soul and passionate artists - so recognition like this is well deserved!  Congratulations, Samantha!

    Check out Samantha Rei's website and her latest line Isabelle et Collette. 

    This collection, which received a standing ovation at Envision, is inspired by a clandestine love story between two girls at college in 1940s France. Their pet names for each other, Fox and Sparrow, became motifs throughout the collection, with little felt animals carefully stitched onto sweaters and vests as symbols of love.

    Head over to the City Pages website to read the entire Artist of the Year article here!

    I was blessed to work with Samantha Rei on her Blasphemina's Closet line in 2012 called Second Star - a beautifully feminine and playful collection based on the story of Peter Pan.  To see images from that Look Book photography session, head over to my gallery.

    Samantha is a shining example of what value lies in doing with you love,  Her passion for this art form radiates throughout her and her collections.  I cannot wait to see the next line, Samantha!