Happiness is a Great Beautifier

Last night, I had a unique challenge. . . photograph a wedding  at night.  Panic set in when I realized I would have to choose between using flash to properly expose images, or make do with the natural light and what I my bag of equipment could make happen. 

The wedding of a very dear friend was held at The Trellis - an impeccable garden spot in Stillwater.  It was intimate and beautiful with loving friends and family at a candlelight ceremony and garden reception.   Yep... there was no way I was going to destroy the ambiance of this moment with flashes firing off.

As the evening wore on, I joyfully laughed and took in the perfect evening air, fighting back tears when I realized that everything under God's plan has a purpose and a schedule.  You see, the couple last night were high school sweethearts, getting married after decades apart and lifetimes of experiences.  

I have known the groom many years and adore him like no other.  Seeing this wedding last night and the images this morning, I realized - happiness is a great beautifier and the love we feel brings so much not only to our lives, but to those who love us.  His smile and the way he held his beautiful bride, I know his heart is renewed and there was no better place to be last night than watching these two bind their lives together.

To Randy and Debbie ~ thank you for letting me share in this joyful evening.  May you both enjoy a perfect future filled with joy, love, friendship and passion.