A Day in the Presence of Love

When I first started committing time to photography, my greatest joy was spent in the presence of young couples.  Seeing how they navigated the space between them, the gentle touches they shared and the glances between them told it all.

Recently, I was given the honor of being asked to photograph the wedding of two beautiful young people, one of whom was a photographer herself.  As we moved through their engagement session, I delighted in the opportunity to see not only the vibrancy of true love, but also the fun of youth and two personalities perfectly matched.  They are destined to live a very blessed life with joy, love and caring at every turn.

Please join me in wishing Madelyn and Logan a beautiful life together!


A Visit From One of My Favorite Families

Over the years, I have been blessed to meet and know many families. Some I capture a simply moment in time, others I get the opportunity to work with them time and time again.  Recently, it was one such family who reached for me to capture the next senior in their family.  First, came Katherine... then came Tess.  Now... it is handsome Bill! 

With such a charming wit and Bill's bold blue eyes, it was a definitely a great way to spend the evening and a fun session all the way around!   Enjoy the rest of your senior year and good luck as you move forward in the adventure of your life!