Enchanting Light

These past few weeks have been a snowstorm flurry of activity as I worked to wrap so many portrait, wedding and event sessions.  It is that time of year when photographers must put away their cameras and spend so many more hours locked behind a computer screen bringing to life the images that will become a legacy for each client's family.

Today, as I spent yet another hour editing, I was captivated by the beautiful setting sunlight that came pouring through my window.  It has been such a beautiful early winter here in Minnesota, I realized that I had not taken the time to truly appreciate it.

So, for ten minutes, I put down my laptop and picked up my camera.  It was me, my pajamas and the Mother Nature's golden light, but for one moment, I felt energized and remembered everything I love about being alive and being a photographer.

Trash the Dress? No way!

I have been honored to know Alissa for many, many years.  I have loved her for her wild spirit, outspoken nature and joyful heart.  In recent years, I have seen this heart grow to include Michael and the joy between them as they married and began a life together.

Before her wedding event took place, Alissa was already planning her Trash the Dress shoot with me.  Normally, this is a day filled with water, mud, paint, even fire.  (When brides go out and simply enjoy a modeling session where anything can and will happen to her dress.  I mean, it's not like you are gonna wear it again!)

Alissa was a perfect candidate for that.  The problem?  Um, hello!  Have you seen how gorgeous that wedding dress was?!  There was absolutely NO WAY we were going to do ANYTHING that would destroy this gorgeous work of art.

So, with a gorgeous fall afternoon in tow, we simply headed out to one of my favorite parks and captured time.  Beautiful simple moments between two hearts - something that a busy wedding day left so little time for.  We didn't need to trash anything.  The beauty of what had been built between Michael and Alissa over the past 4 years was all we needed!

And, in the first 10 minutes, we had already captured all I ever hoped for. 

Beauty in Simplicity

When I am beginning to feel overwhelmed by my work, questioning decisions and feeling as though I am losing my way, I take time to look at the world in a new place.  It gives me pause to recognize that grandeur comes in the smallest of details and steps.  Where in the rush of life, we miss some of the most wonderful things that occur when we pause and simply breath in the space around us.

Such was the cause this week, when a world wind of activity left me spinning.  But an afternoon at the U of M Landscape Arboretum with Caroline gave me moment to see incredible textures, colors, details and beauty.   While I will never be a landscape or nature photographer by trade, it most definitely renews my heart and fills my spirit!

Finding Nature's Beauty

Working on the Wanderlust Traveler series, I find myself spending more and more time looking through the 50mm lens for macro details and the perspective of the world through small eyes.  Today, I was out seeking new images for my next chapter of Wanderlust and found myself delighting in so many wonderful and beautiful details, colors and textures.

Yes, I am a portrait photographer.  But, sometimes, you just gotta let Mother Nature's beauty shine first!

Mother Nature is Beautiful!

This week was all about scouting - looking for beautiful, creative and engaging spaces that will reflect the unique character and style of my upcoming clients and families.

As I wandered through the open air, I was enchanted by all the beautiful color and textures.  While I rarely shoot nature, this day, I found it wonderfully renewing.  I think another day of shooting is in order.  No people.... Just Mother Nature!