Welcome to the World - Baby Haven!

Oh, how I adore working with Backing the Blue Line! 

Am I joyful supporting the police and their families?  Yes.  Amjoyful meeting so many new people in this line of work?  Yes!  But, WHY am I most joyful?  Because this week I got to hold and photograph the tiniest and sweetest little newborn!

Miss Haven Joyce Helen came into the world just one week ago weighing 4lbs 15 oz.  (Just ounces larger than my own daughter so many years ago.)  Working with this darling newborn was like working with an angel.  She lay so soft and still, simply allowing us to work.  When we put on her parents beloved Green Bay Packers headband, she even cracked a smile.  Now... how can you complain when this is what you do for a living?

Work?  Yeah... right!

Congratulations to St. Francis Police Officer Stemme and his wife Katie on the latest addition to their family.  Soon we will capture the family together with a proud big brother, but for today, I hope you enjoy some sugar and spice and everything nice!

PS.  This session was another collaboration with my second shooter (and daughter), Caroline!  It was especially sweet as for the first time she got to see how tiny she was when she was born.   Caroline was the principal shooter on this session and did a great job!

Strength of Steel and the Charm of the (Minnesota) Wild

Photographing newborns is always a moment of sweetness.  A calm quiet house, the enchantment of the little fingers and toes, and the stillness of a sleeping baby.  Though most newborn photos will take some time to capture, it is usually a simple waiting game for baby to settle in sleep as you move them through the poses.

Meeting Baby Lyndon, Caroline and I expected the same.  Little did we know he had something else in mind!  Talk about the strength of steel . . . this beautiful little boy at 7 days old was wide awake the full 2+ hours we were there, with a finger grip that could cut circulation.  He was determined and strong and we were bent to his will! 

Though he would leave a special mark on mom during our session, seeing the sweet hat from grandma, his first teddy bear from grandpa and all the fun hockey toys and Minnesota Wild outfit, this little boy charmed our hearts and gave us such a fun session.  Seeing his strength and the love of his family and friends, we know he will achieve all that drivesand nurtures him.

Congratulations, Chin family!

PS.  This was another Caroline Anne session, with Caroline behind the lens and Christine getting to play with oh-so-cute little baby!

Welcome to the World, Maylee Renae!

In recent months, I have been delighted to work more and more with Caroline as my second shooter.  Capturing weddings, engagements, special events... it has all been delightful.  Then this weekend, I had the honor of stepping back and working with her as her assistant on her first principal shoot.  While I worked more closely with the baby, it was Caroline who took the camera lead and captured today's beautiful post.  Congratulations, Caroline, on a beautiful session.  The following is her blog post.

This weekend, I had the amazing privilege of photographing my dear friend's 6-day old daughter.  I have been so lucky to watch the amazing miracle of pregnancy working side by side with my Sherwin Williams Manager, Katy. The questions and curiosities of what was to come were so much fun to hear. 

Together with her husband, Matthew, they weren't sure if they wanted to know the sex of the baby, but sure enough before long, they excited announced they were having girl.  Though they would not reveal her name until after she was born, I enjoyed guessing every day and watching her excitement as the due date got closer.  (Her commitment to lifting 5-gallon paint buckets at 8-months pregnant was more than admirable!) 

Finally, on September 20th, I got a text, "That was so instense." I responded in confusion. Beautiful Maylee Renee had been born at 8:36pm weighing 6 lbs, 10 oz.

Congratulations, Katy and Matthew, on your darling baby girl!