Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Murphy!

I told someone recently that you can't always expect to find your soul mate 10 miles from your house.  Sometimes, you have to act on faith and venture out beyond your comfort zone.  I never realized how true this was until I met this couple.

Doug and Elizabeth met online (like many do these days).  She lived in Mexico, he lived here in Minnesota.  After some time corresponding online, he flew to Mexico to meet and spend time with her.  Only then did he realize she did not speak a word of English.  They found a connection and continued seeing each other.  When the time came for him to propose, he had her brother there to help with the translation.  Soon, she was living in Minnesota and they were building a new life and learning how to communicate with each other about life, love and experiences.

Three years later, they are now married. Their families are merged and their life will move forward together.  Their journey to find what God has laid out for them covered many miles, a lot of patience and trust.  But, watching the glances they stole of each other on their wedding day and the simple smiles they shared in quiet moments alone, it is clear... they have found the one person in this world that God put on this earth just for them.

Congratulations, Doug and Elizabeth!  

How can you not love groomsmen?  They are always the most spirited, amusing and playful group in the bunch!

Thanks for the many laughs, guys!

Such an exciting time!

Launching (or relaunching) a business can be a very stressful time.  So many things to decide, so many details to iron out and so much anxiety if you are guiding the correct course to where you want to be. 

But, as inspiration and ideas start to take shape, there is a renewed sense of joy and purpose.

As I move forward in this process, I am excited by the dream as it takes shape in each little detail.  This weekend, I received my new business cards.  (I have two variations). 

Such a fun time... I can't wait to start giving these out and seeing how the rest of my collateral materials take shape and launch my new work!