Throwback Thursday - Cheretha & Tahja

The fun part of having a diverse portfolio is wandering through archives and finding delight in the many experiences your camera brings you through.  This day, I was invited to capture a special glamour experience for senior girls facing unique life experiences.  I would only have an hour with beautiful Cheretha, but in that time, I delighted in her natural smile and grace, even while caring for her young son.

I was also granted the opportunity to catch another sweet beauty this day, Miss Tahja.  She must not be missed in this throwback memory!

Through the Eyes of a Lens

I love Minnesota!

I love that every season brings with it a new breathe of beauty, texture, color and details more breathtaking than the last.  Once the fire driven color of fall leaves have given way to the ground, there is a touch of sadness that life is passing.  Looking out over so many fields this time of year, it is easy to blow past the rolling hills of brown as sad remnants of summer.  I hear so many already yearning for spring.

But, as a photographer, I tend to embrace this time and encourage everyone to pause and take a closer look.

When I step to this field and lift the eye of my lens, it is this delicate texture that I see.

On this perfect fall Sunday afternoon, I don't know what was more beautiful, the delicate pale textures that remained or the elegant beauty of Inver Grove Heights senior Alicia.  Working on this girls preview will definitely be a task I look forward to!  Until then, everyone... enjoy this most perfect Minnesota fall!

Boys and Their Toys!

I love photographing seniors.  So many unique personalities, styles and characters.  And, if you are lucky, you catch a glimpse of the life that waits to unfold before them.

When I met Benjamin, I was delighted to see the car he brought with him for the day.  Like most teen boys, he loved his car, the character of it and the freedom it gave him.  (As a photographer, I loved that he took the time to show me his favorite angle in which to photograph them together and whenever we had a break, I would catch him polishing it.)  It was a fun prop to shoot, and Benjamin was a kind and charming lad with a lot of endearing personality.

Over the course of the session, it was no surprise to hear that Benjamin would be pursuing a career in Aerospace Engineering.  As I said, boys and their toys!  I have no doubt that he will go on to pursue an exciting career with some pretty impressive new creations.  Speed, design and flight.... what an exciting life!

Broadway Bound Tess

A couple years ago I was blessed to photograph a beautiful Le Sueur Senior named Katharine.  This holiday break, I was delighted to have the opportunity to photograph her younger sister, Tess, who is now also a senior.

A kindred spirit and lover of the theatrical arts, Tess is a talented soul hot off the heals of her performance of as Mrs. Lovett in St. Peter's Sweeney Todd and soon to be heading to New York for some great school auditions.  Julliard... Yes!

This girl is headed for a great future as a performer.  Stand up and cheer this girl on!

Jacob : : Henry Sibley High School Class of 2015

This time of year is one of my most favorites.  Not because the weather is gorgeous and soon the fall colors will appear.  But, instead because the transition of summer to fall brings more and more seniors in front of my camera!

This past week, I had the delight of meeting Jacob - a football player, track participant and member of Business Professionals of America at Henry Sibley High School.  With so much on his plate as a student, I was excited when we were able to spend the evening visiting two of my most favorite Twin Cities locations - Hidden Falls Park in Saint Paul and the Minneapolis Warehouse District.

Like the diversity of our locations, Jacob brings a wonderful balance of activities to his life.  It will be exciting to see how his future unfolds before him and what his career path will be.

PS.  With this much charm and good looks, there is no doubt Jacob will lead a life full of wonderful people and adventures!

It Goes So Fast!

For the last ten years, I have volunteered with the Burnsville High School Theatre Guild, spending countless hours helping with publicity, design, photography and just about anything else they need help with.  It is a grand journey, and one I adore greatly.

That is, until I realize how fast this time flies.  I have been blessed to meet, know and work with so many great kids.  Talented actors, humorous characters and good friends.

Today, I photographed senior portraits for just one of those kids.  Eric will soon be graduating and once again come spring, I will cry on closing night of the final show.  Realizing that yet another great kid will leave the program and I will be sad in realizing that it has all passed so very quickly.  I will pray for him that he achieve all he dreams for and hope that he will find time to return time and time again, if for no other reason than just to simply say hi!