A Walk Down Memory Lane

Looking back at the journey of one's life, it is easy to forget how every choice begins and what influences guide you along the way.  I have changed a lot over my life and spent time with so many diverse, colorful and kind people. 

This past summer, I was honored with the opportunity to reconnect with a former high school classmate when I was asked to capture her children in a fashion driven photoshoot.  Though I hadn't seen Stacy in over 20 years, I delighted in the opportunity to visit her family as they vacationed in Minnesota after years abroad - enjoying a roadtrip to Detroit Lakes and a weekend with three of the most beautiful towheads you have ever seen!  (Plus, how can you not love shooting dresses shipped in from an Australian designer just for the occasion!)  It was a great time reconnecting and hearing how our journeys had taken us to different places in the world, yet mirrored the same path as parents.

Our session together would take on multiple chapters.  First, a vintage style concept influenced by the stories of Box Car Children, then on to the personal interests of each child.  From Princesses to Flash to Mermaids, it was a wonderful day in the imagination of children and a series I won't soon forget.  Seeing them reminded me how much I adored being a parent and allowing that imagination that brings life and color to our world as adults.

There are many images to come, but for tonight, enjoy a look into our time with Neren, Phillip and Nila. 

Playing with Style

Anyone who knows me knows that while I love black and white and the character of vintage styling, I rarely show it in my work.  However, when wrapping up a recent collection, I fell in love with the emotion that poured through a photo of Lilli - emotion that seemed far beyond her years as an elementary age student.

Looking farther into the collection, I realized there were others that evolved when the style was applied. And so... I played!  I don't know if I will often go this route, but for today.... I love it!

L to R:  Lilli and Eleri


L to R:  Elise and Lilli

Dreams of Wanderlust Continue

Each day that I finish a new image, I find myself eagerly dreaming of what the next chapter will bring.  Realizing that every day I scout a new location, I am writing a new chapter of what the childlike eyes of Wanderlust will bring.

It is such an interesting project - finding locations that fit the goal to create miniature adventures, while later photographing children in a way that will work with a location I already have shot or have yet to find.

Fortunately, I have some amazing young girls who have been willing to go on this adventure with me and some great new talents waiting in the wings.  Spring definitely can't come soon enough!

Check out my Wanderlust Traveler album and see more of our adventures!

Check out my Autumn Darlings album and see simple portraits of these lovely girls!

Interested in being a model in one of my upcoming Wanderlust photo shoots?  Simply drop me an email at christie@christierachelle.com.

Reminiscing . . .

This time of year, like many, I am holed up in my house.  Looking at sessions from the fall and looking forward to so many ideas for the coming spring and exciting new shoots.

Tonight, it is beautiful Lilli - such an engaging beauty with mystery in her eyes, a passion in her heart and  strength of will that will drive her to do amazing things.  I look forward to another chapter of Wanderlust and working with her again in the coming months.

Wanderlust Traveler

The smell of rain amidst the beauty of the sunset finding its way to the sea.... is there anything more inspiring and soul fulfilling?  Perhaps the beauty of spirit found in the eager hearts of these two young girls, who dream of life's adventures and the wonderful stories found in the pages of their favorite books.

Thank you to beautiful Grace and Valerie for their sense of adventure and inspiration to me that presses me to dream in the daylight and seek out all of my hearts greatest desires!

Wanderlust Traveler

And the travels continue, this time with Eleri's journey with her beloved giraffe.

There is a sparkle in her eyes as she speaks lovingly of him, knowing that he is magic and holds all her imaginations of childhood and a world beyond tomorrow.

Special photographer's credit goes out to Kayosa Trahana ShadowWing for use of the giraffe's image.

Beauty Beyond Their Years

Yesterday, I had the joy of photographing three young girls.  The day was intent on continuing the next chapter of my conceptual campaign "Wanderlust Traveler", a series inspired by miniature exploration.  However, upon seeing the beautiful work by our stylist, Latia Eittreim, the soft palate of the costume style and the wonderful vibrant colors of falls, we just had to do a few simple portraits of these amazing girls.

Looking into their eyes, I was so inspired by their amazing spirits and the beauty that lay beneath the surface.  With such wonderful intensity, there is no doubt that they will carry with them a powerful spirit, kind hearts and a gentle beauty that will bring them beautiful lives.

Soon, I will post Wanderlust imagery.  But, for now, I will leave you with the beautiful images from Elise, Eleri and Lilli.

PS.  If you are ever looking for a hair or makeup stylist, I highly recommend you seek out the amazing talents of Latia Eittreim.  Aside from her mad skills in both worlds, my models simply adored working with her.  She made the experience very relaxing for all involved and brought a lot of creative insight and skill to the event.  A rockstar performer!

To learn more about her (and hire her), simply look her up at facebook.com/hairbylatia.

The Magical World of a Wanderlust Traveler

In the past few weeks, I have found tremendous joy is discovering the beauty of the world and details that are so often overlooked in the rush of a life and a busy day.  As I began to enjoy the macro details of photography, my thoughts began to wander and I again felt like a child seeing the world for the first time.

Thus a new series is born and one that I hope will carry over the coming years with new eyes of a child and the realization of so many adventures that lie in this wonderland to which we are born.

Thank you to Elise for her adventurous spirit and willingness to undertake this campaign in her recent photography session.  While it was tremendously cold, thanks to the help of her amazing mom and lots of blankets - we had a wonderful kickoff to something new. 

I cannot wait to see how future imaginations unfold.

This series was inspired by the work of Zev Hoover.  He is a young photographer who began at the age of 9 with wonderful images and stories of miniatures.  He is well worth a Google!