A Date with Winter

Living in Minnesota, we are blessed with some crazy weather.  Often not what one expects, but always amazing beauty and often with spontaneity for something great!

Aaron and Elizabeth have been dating for 14 months.  I had the pleasure of photographing them last summer and was equally pleased when they called me up to do a winter session.  Though we would have very little time together due to a busy day, it was truly a sweet afternoon watching them in the dance couples share when little moments reflect so much tenderness and kindness between them.

Though there are many more images to come, I couldn't finish this holiday weekend without getting at least a few sneak peaks up!

Glorious Friendships

Living in Minnesota, there is no more beautiful time than when the snow has fallen, the sun is out and the weather is warm enough to ditch the coats.  (Well, at least for a little while!)

This day, I was blessed to photograph again one of my past subjects.  Only instead of a prom date, it was day of friendship and laughter and a beautiful sunlit afternoon.  Watching these two girls laugh, it is clear.  Friendship is the best thing!