In10city Dance Competition

616 (95).jpg

l have delighted in photographing performing arts and theatre quite intensely for the past 15 years.  It is beautiful, ever changing and always inspiring. 

But, when a national dance competition came calling, I had no clue what I was in for! 652 performances on 2 stages over 3 days!  3 minutes to capture 100+ images of fast moving dance performances, with a new performance on the very heals of the last.  Oh, yeah!  THAT is machine gun shutter fire! (And the reason my left arm would be in a brace for several days after the event!)

Hip hop, lyrical, ballet, tap, theatre... oh so many beautiful styles and oh so many amazing dancers! 

One day, I will make my way through the 234,000 images from that weekend and put together a proper gallery to share.  But, for today, here is a sneak peak at the imagery from a wonderful national dance competition hosted by In10sity and its media contractor, A Cut Above the Rest Productions, for whom I worked this event.