Celebrity Stylist & Journalist Parker XL

Distinguished Stylist.  Celebrity Journalist.  Accessory Designer.

Parker XL is truly a never ending force of talent, insight, style and personality.  From his work as Creative Director of Fashion Odds Magazine, to his amazing line of accessories with Parcs & Parker, to his role as Creative Director in brand management with Parker & Reid, this man is always on the go and always connected within a never ending network of creative artists, designers, celebrities and personalities.

If you have not yet had the chance to meet this awesome style icon, go... go now to www.parkerxl.com

Parker XL is one of the reasons I adore this line of work.  Photography has greatly allowed me to expand my horizons and meet some truly amazing and colorful people.  My life is so much more interesting because of him. 

PS.  Special shout out to banner designer, Luke Piefer of Parker & Reid, and model DeKisa Okoi, for their contributions to the final images.


The best part of this shoot?  When we pulled in Parker's mom who was visiting the set for a couple quick photos!