Love and Happiness is Often Unscripted!

When I first started in photography, I specialized in children and families.  After a couple of crazy Christmas seasons I quit all together because the stress of families getting that perfect Christmas Card photo became too much.  It didn't matter what it took to get that perfect shot, it was all about the presentation to the world of who they were.

In recent years, I have revisited family sessions on occasion in support of my giving campaigns to adoption, police and military. It was scary the though of doing it again until I realized that my purpose had changed.  No longer, was it my goal to capture that perfectly posed family portrait.  Instead, now, it is about telling the story of a family or capturing the personality of its members.

This was an unscripted quick capture moment.  I was changing lenses, looked up and saw this natural moment happening.  THIS is a family and THIS is joy!


Suddenly, I have found so much joy in these sessions - simply encouraging families to embrace who they are and capture these special moments for no one else but themselves!  I see joy, playfulness and happiness in these moments and I enjoy them because no longer do I worry about shot lists and posing.  Instead it is simply about following THEIR journey and documenting who they are together.

Sometimes, a single perfect portrait of a child simply does not capture how wonderfully adorable they are!  Instead - let them BE and simply watch.  This time passes so quickly!