A World Made More Beautiful

Such simple actions can really bring so much to one's life.

This amazing commercial for Thai Life Insurance is a beautiful reminder of the simple things that can bring not only reward to one's life, but have profound impact on another's.  I absolutely adore this commercial and am amazed at the wonderful truth in it.

Couldn't help myself!   Had to look up other commercials by this great company.  Check out this touching and humorous ad called 'Forget Me Not'.  I can't imagine anything more wonderful than having someone in your life who knows you when even you have forgotten yourself.

A Gaze Upon Green Eyes

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

- Corrie ten Boom


Recently, my family had the joy of seeing 'Heaven is for Real', a true story about the experiences of Colton Burpo - a young child who saw God in a near death experience.  The movie itself was sweet and as a Christian, I believe true.

But what has stayed with me in the weeks since was references in the movie to a painting by Akiane Kramarik.  A young Russian painter who at the age of 8 painted the most beautiful portrait called 'Prince of Peace' based on her own visions of God.  There is a moment in the movie that shows Colton seeing it and declaring "That's Him", that man he saw in his vision.

I remember that moment so clearly.  Before he even uttered a word, I felt a catch in my breath.  Like I knew him.  I knew that face.

This image now sits on my desktop where I gaze upon it every day.  He looks unlike any image I have ever seen of Christ.  And those eyes... they draw me in and I am breathless.

I look at those eyes and see not love, patience, knowledge or forgiveness.  I see simply peace.  Not the peace most would expect, but simply that of knowing there are no secrets between us.  That he knows my heart, my weakness, my joy and my life.  He knows me fully and with that, there is... peace.

To learn more about Colton Burpo and his experiences, buy his book found here.

To learn more about Akiane Kramarik and her paintings, go to www.akiane.com.