What on Earth am I Doing?

Yeah, this pretty much sums it all up correctly.

Most days, I feel as though I am flying by the seat of my pants, praying that I am doing right by my kids.  (Now no longer kids, they are 24, 20 and 18.)  I yelled at them, grounded them, told them no, told them yes and prayed that I wouldn't screw them up too badly.

Some days, I look at them and say "Wow, you kids are amazing!  I must have done okay with you."  Other days, I look at them and say "Wow, you kids are amazing - despite what I did to you!"  I guess in the end, it all shakes out and you simply delight that you made it through and your kids are okay.

This year, the last of my children graduated high school.  My oldest became engaged.  All have had some pretty big steps towards becoming adults they were meant to be.  Me?  I just wish I could go back and do it all again and make the same mistakes again. 

I am going to miss this wild adventure!