Strength of Steel and the Charm of the (Minnesota) Wild

Photographing newborns is always a moment of sweetness.  A calm quiet house, the enchantment of the little fingers and toes, and the stillness of a sleeping baby.  Though most newborn photos will take some time to capture, it is usually a simple waiting game for baby to settle in sleep as you move them through the poses.

Meeting Baby Lyndon, Caroline and I expected the same.  Little did we know he had something else in mind!  Talk about the strength of steel . . . this beautiful little boy at 7 days old was wide awake the full 2+ hours we were there, with a finger grip that could cut circulation.  He was determined and strong and we were bent to his will! 

Though he would leave a special mark on mom during our session, seeing the sweet hat from grandma, his first teddy bear from grandpa and all the fun hockey toys and Minnesota Wild outfit, this little boy charmed our hearts and gave us such a fun session.  Seeing his strength and the love of his family and friends, we know he will achieve all that drivesand nurtures him.

Congratulations, Chin family!

PS.  This was another Caroline Anne session, with Caroline behind the lens and Christine getting to play with oh-so-cute little baby!